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Welcome to the Midkemia Lore Wiki!
Jimmy the Hand battles a Nighthawk on the rooftops of Krondor.
What are the Archives?
  • A player-written and player-maintained encyclopedia for the Riftwar Cycle, and the vast virtual world of Midkemia Online.
  • A compendium of history, mythology, bestiary, geography, and other studies of Midkemia.
  • A place where new and old explorers and lore-lovers of Midkemia can share and expand their knowledge.
  • A place to gather lore information about Midkemia and the other worlds of the Riftwar Cycle that extend beyond the game itself.
How do I use the Archives?
  • Search to find any topic or keyword you like.
  • Look over the menu of topics on the sidebar to browse the site.
  • See what's been changed or added recently in the Recent Changes page.
  • Subscribe to changes using the RSS feed.
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Who maintains the Archives?
  • The Archives run on MediaWiki software, but it is not a pure wiki. That means not anyone can contribute; editing is restricted-access only.
  • If you'd like to contribute, you must play Midkemia Online for at least 300 total hours.
  • Please see our contributing guidelines to get started!